Tomoyuki Washio

2020 / 2021
Acrylic, Urethane Coat Spray on Wood
560 x 845 x 40mm

Debris to be discarded. I wonder if there is still an ocean in its natural state, free of the debris from human society. The ocean still stands strong.

Tomoyuki Washio
Tomoyuki Washio
Graphic Designer / Artist

Tomoyuki Washio, who is self-taught, express his artworks as free acts of human beings by multiple media and genres such as drawings, graphic design, animation, murals and so on.
His original motif, which have been presented at museums and overseas, are one of the items that bring you luck. He is well-versed in music and street culture, and playfully depicts a world that extends out of the everyday.


#03 Plastic Ocean