WORDS Gallery presents artworks focusing on social issues (environmental issues for the time being), mainly from this online gallery. We aim to give you edged sensitivities via Art, which enable you to imagine and receive different realities of expression.


Nothing in this world lasts forever, and the earth and all life forms including human beings are destined to die out. Our Earth’s fate, however, has been greatly distorted by human activity in the modern era. Are your antenna and sensitivities vividly receiving the reality that incessantly flows from the past to the present, and into the possible future?

The artworks at WORDS Gallery are a part of the realities that capture this fate of the world through art. For the time being, environmental issues will be addressed in particular, expressing nature endangered by human activity.

Will this artwork, in which human beings are in the process of disappearing along with the Earth, express social problems or give us the trigger to imagine and bless this reality as our own? Shouldn't art that makes this possible ask people's sense of values? Our gallery poses these challenges.

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