"Which is stronger, human or plant?"

I was once asked such a question by an elderly person. Of course, it is not about the physical strength of a single human and a single cedar in an actual fight, but the strength of the species. When you think about it, a human can pick flowers, spray herbicide, cut down a big tree with a chainsaw or set a fire and burn down a forest. While cutting down trees for our homes, fields, roads and golf courses, we also grow, buy, sell, love flowers and ornamental plants and create parks and gardens. At first glance, it seems like the human beings rule the plants.

Does the question at the beginning sound childish to you? What would happen, for example, if the comparison were not with plants, but with ants, bees, newts, bonitoes or elephants? If you think about it in depth, and not just in a one-on-one battle, you will naturally see the connection that bind not only your opponent, but also the other life forms that surround it, and it will become difficult to capture the situation without such connection.

Perhaps the human beings are both vulnerable and strong. In the circle of life subject to the law of the jungle, the weak are eaten by the strong, but the strong cannot exist without the weak. Nevertheless, modern humans are destroying other species more than ever, thriving like the ruler of the earth. Even worse, they are unconscious about it.

In Exhibition #02 "Biodiversity", Yoh Nagao, Eimi Suzuki, KURiO and Karin who use collage as one of their methods of expression present new artworks.