Collage on Paper
280 x 394mm / 412 x 527mm (Frame)

Human act of thinking and deciding is the one of choosing and cutting out a part of all the things drifting in disorder in one's mind. Moreover, it is also an act of letting go of all the things that were not chosen. When such a human consciousness intervenes in nature, it denies and destroys the nature that could exist with delicate and complex relationships.

Artificial forms created by human consciousness. Human consciousness, which makes decisions based on rationality, seem to make the right choice on the surface. However, if we change the angle and look at things from a three-dimensional perspective, a delicate and complex truth is hidden behind. The people who ignore some of these truths and make decisions are also part of nature. With this contradiction in my mind, I want to be soaked into nature and creative activities. I am helpless and make a lot of mistakes, but I know that one day we will be able to choose a world that respects nature more.

Collage Artist

Born in 1994, Hokkaido, Japan, KURiO attracted attention both in Japan and abroad for fantastical, surreal and ironical collage artworks, and has been featured in Japanese fashion magazines and independent magazines overseas. He uses various methods of expression such as painting, photography, collage and cinematography.


#02 Biodiversity