Climate CrisisAugust.2021

Global warming...This word still sounded unfamiliar and gentle 10 or 20 years ago, like “Global warming sounds good, doesn’t it? Coz’ we don't like the cold.” In recent years, however, the term "climate crisis" has replaced it as the trend.

Furthermore, in 2016, since the small Australian city of Deabing issued a "Climate Emergency Declaration," other countries and municipalities around the world followed suit. In Japan, the city of Iki in Nagasaki prefecture and Kamakura of Kanagawa prefecture declared climate emergency in 2019 first, after which the nation finally followed in November 2020.

Nowadays, "climate crisis" and "climate emergency declaration" no longer sound gentle. Can we no longer pass the time elegantly under a beach parasol with a beer in hand? Can children still kick a soccer ball around under the glittering summer sun?

In Exhibition #01, four painters—MOTAS, Hirochika Machida, Tatsuya Koiso and SUGI—present their work with the motif of climate crisis, posing the question of what exactly are the dangers we face.