• Plastic Coast
    #04Plastic Coast

    WORDS Gallery presents the exhibition #04 "Plastic Coast" focusing on the marine debris crisis in Tsushima Island in Japan.

    This exhibition is partnered with Tsushima City in Nagasaki Prefecture, one of the most plastic contaminated islands, to provide the current situations that are often unreported and unnoticed.

    Five artists participated in this exhibition are Keeenue, Hikaru Matsubara, Yufi Yamamoto, and Pimlico Arts Japan x Yusuke Hanai.

  • Plastic Ocean
    #03Plastic Ocean

    Tomoyuki Washio, Hikaru Matsubara, Don Mak (Hong Kong), and Chou Yi (Taiwan) will participate in Exhibition #03 “Plastic Ocean” which is based on the concept of ocean pollution with plastic.

  • Biodiversity

    In Exhibition #02 "Biodiversity", Yoh Nagao, Eimi Suzuki, KURiO and Karin who use collage as one of their methods of expression present new artworks.

  • Climate Crisis
    #01Climate Crisis

    In Exhibition #01, four up-and-coming painters, MOTAS, Hirochika Machida, Tatsuya Koiso and SUGI, present their artworks sharing the motif of "climate crisis".

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