Till We’re Blue in the Face

Plastic Container, Mixed Media
460 x 280〜550 x 260mm

In Japanese idioms, there is a saying "Say while making one’s mouth sour”. The phrase is equivalent for "Until one is blue in the face", meaning doing something for a great length of time until he/she gets worn out.

In our life time, we grew up repeatedly hearing not to throw garbage into the sea.

I went to Tsushima island last summer to see the situation on marine debris when I decided to participate in this project. What stood out to me the most was many blue plastic tanks washed up on the shore. They were labeled as "hydrogen peroxide water", but all of them were mere scapegoat for the hydrochloric acid illegally used to disinfect fishing nets and dumped into the sea to kill the evidence. Thousands or more of these foreign blue plastic tanks are found drifting ashore annually along the Japan Sea coast.

Roughly 4.5 billion years ago when the earth was born, it is believed that the sea was uninhabitable because of the hydrochloric acid from acid rain. Unlike today, the sea tasted sour.


Keeenue is widely known and highly acclaimed for her unique, bold, and colorful artwork that challenges the boundaries between figuration and abstraction. Keeenue's projects with notable names such as Nike, Facebook, Shake Shack, and Sapporo Beer have further raised her profile.


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