About to Encounter
Yufi Yamamoto

Acrylic on Buoy of marine debris
190 x 190 x 230mm / 198 x 198 x 250mm (incl. stand)

Who in normal life would be aware of the problem of marine debris drifting to Tsushima? And yet, when we hear, for example, that "30,000㎥ of the marine debris drifted ashore on Tsushima island in 2022", most people will probably just say, "Wow, that's too bad".

For those of us who live in a society dependent on plastic, even if we remind people to put their trash in the trash box, it will end up in the ocean or in poor developing countries, and I personally believe that unless the large corporations that control the plastic industry focus on the environment rather than profits, there will never be a solution.

As such a powerless individual, I thought the only thing I could do, even if only a little, was to upcycle. But I don't know any other cool art piece from garbage, therefore, I created art piece in the hope that people would be interested in it as it can be displayed at home as interior decoration or art piece without the trashiness.

Yufi Yamamoto
Yufi Yamamoto

Yufi Yamamoto is a multi-cultural artist who’s born in Tokyo, Japan. Her pop yet ennui art style comes from her love for the vintage and street surf culture she has been exposed during her 10 years of life in California.


#04 Plastic Coast